Engagement Projects

As the Government of Yukon, we value your input and we want to make it easy for you to provide it. So that you know exactly what to expect when you engage with us, we promise:

  • To seek your views
  • To make it easy for you to talk to us and get involved
  • To use communication tools suited to the scale of decision we’re making
  • To explain our decisions
  • To foster and respect relationships with citizens, groups and communities, First Nations, municipalities and other governments
  • To consider local solutions to problems

Since 2017, the Government of Yukon has undertaken 64 total engagement projects. These have ranged from environmental protection measures, to new regulations on condo developments, wood smoke in neighbourhoods, and carbon price rebates.

Want to learn more about public engagement and Government of Yukon? Head to Engage Yukon to find out more!